Guess what!? UPSAT has launched! If you haven’t already, go check it out on the Android Market!


It has been an insane couple of months, and I personally cannot believe we made it this far. It’s been a great experience and I have to thank so many people. Of course, I have to thank Chris because, without him, there wouldn’t be any game (just silly, stationary pictures!)! Also, my girlfriend Ali, who had to put up with me on many occasions telling her I couldn’t spend time with her because I had ‘just a little bit more to do tonight.’ And then there are all my friends, family, and followers who were so supportive through this whole process. I’m really glad that we got this project done, and I am very much looking forward to starting work on the next one! (With a short break of course, I’m sure my girlfriend would appreciate that!)

Thanks again, and go check out the game! Play the Free version and if you like it, go ahead and upgrade! I promise you won’t be disappointed!