Whoa, hold on there Chris, let me introduce myself before you go rambling on about all the awesome things you’ve done and have yet to do!

I’ve been making games since I was a wee child, that is, since way back in middle school. My first game was really an app called ‘Love Calculator” for my TI-86 that would randomly select a boy or girl in our class to hook you up with. It was the bees-knees back then. I then moved on to produce a handful of other games, ranging from a simple RPG battle system to a turn-based jousting game. I spent many a studyhall meticulously making pixel art for the games pixel by pixel on my calculator… But enough about back then, let’s talk about now!

Now I would say I have a pretty sweet life. Besides paying off my boat load of loan money with nothing more than a substitute teaching job and coaching some young’ins on the middle school wrastlin’ team, I spend my time making art and attempting (multiple times) to get a team together to work on a game. All previous attempts failed.

When Chris contacted me about making a game, at first, I thought, “Ugh, not again.” I had my doubts, and rightfully so. After some email conversations I decided I would give it another try. Then I realized something. Was I giving it my all before? Chris, who knew nothing about making games, had the passion to learn everything he needed to know in order to create something from nothing. I always knew I wanted to make games. Even after graduating with a degree specifically designed to create games, I still wasn’t trying my best to be successful at it. Maybe it was time to make a change.

I stumbled upon a video the other day that was really inspiring, and got me to think. It’s themed for athletes, but has a core message that permeates to all areas of life. It talks about being successful, and the mind set behind wanting to be successful. Many people say they want to be successful, but few actually take all the steps necessary to get the opportunity to be. Check it out:

So this is how the story begins. Hopefully you will follow us along the way to end.