I figure it’s time to actually talk about our game. To not slam you in the face with a giant wall of text, I’ll divide this post into 3 parts: What is UPSAT, what have we done so far, and where are we now?

What is UPSAT?

You mean you don’t KNOW?!?! I’m hurt. It’s only the most amazing reflex game ever to be in development for the android mobile gaming platform! In one sentence: UPSAT is a game comprised of a multitude of small, stupidly easy, and fast-paced mini-games that are chosen at random where the pace increases based on performance. Easy right?

Essentially, you have a number of lives to get through as many randomly chosen games as you can without messing up. The longer you survive the faster the game will get and the more points you’ll earn per correct answer. The games can be anything from accelerometer based “Shake the Magic 8-Ball!” to the touch based “Find Da Robber!” The hope is that you’ll get a rush out of testing your reflexes as you struggle to interpret the game and complete it all within a second or two. Of course, the game will be there to offer snide comments about how ridiculous you look as you shake your phone around like a crazy person.

There will be several gameplay modes including the basic survival, don’t lose your number of lives, mode and also an endurance mode where you try to rack up as high a score as possible on the fastest gameplay setting. We’ll keep track of your highscores so you can show your friends how cool you are and we’ll also have a bunch of achievements to unlock. Everybody loves achievements!

I think the game wil be a fun, fast-paced experience that will be easy to learn, but hard to master. Hopefully, it’ll keep you coming back again and again, even if for no other reason than just to prove us wrong about how “U Probably Suck At This”.

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