So it’s been a while since our last post. In fact, the last time we posted it was to tell you that UPSAT Version 2.0 was launching with all kinds of new bells and whistles… well this time it’s to tell you we’ve added even MORE fun stuff with Version 3.0!! We’ve been hard at work cranking through code and drawing some pretty pictures and we think we’ve added a bunch of new features that you’re really going to love. So, without further ado, here’s what we got!

The biggest and most obvious new feature is that we’ve replaced OpenFeint with Scoreloop for all of our leaderboards and achievements. Unfortunately, OpenFeint sold out to a Japanese company Gree and decided it’d be great to leave all their developers in the dust and shut down their servers. Bad news for us because it created a lot of unexpected work, but great news for you because we got to bring you a better system that delivers a much faster and cleaner experience. Scoreloop still has all the standard online play kind of stuff, but we’ve also implemented some new features such as news updates which will allow us to tell you about new things we have going on, and built in posting to Facebook and Twitter. Our social network features were somewhat lacking before and with this newest update you’ll find it super easy to post your best scores and challenge your friends all from right within the game. You can even connect all your profiles and use them to search for Scoreloop buddies and add your picture to your profile! It’s a bunch of really great stuff, and it’s A LOT faster and more reliable to boot so we hope you enjoy. Here’s some pix of what the new experience looks like:

IT's PRetty

The New Scoreloop Dashboard… In German Because It’s Awesome!

We’ve replace the Gamefeed bar at the bottom with a Scoreloop dashboard which will allow you to quickly get into the homescreen, but also let you jump straight to your achievements, buddies, and news. In the future we hope to add some kind of notification so you know when you have friends online or when there’s some new news article waiting.

Scoreloop is The Bomb!

The Scoreloop Entry Screen

You can see the Scoreloop home screen allows you to check out all the standard online stuff. The cool thing is from here you can pretty much post anything to your social networks, so if you unlocked a cool achievement and you wanna brag, go ahead!

Oh yeah and now that we’ve got a new online networking provider, we figured we’d need to change our game icon:

New Icon With Scoreloop Logo


Well we hope you like everything we’ve done! If you don’t then be sure to tell us as we’re always listening and hoping to improve. If you do… well then tell your friends and get them playing! That’s it for now, but be on the lookout for a new game pack coming your way very soon!