We are currently working on a new PC/mobile game called The Christmas Trail! It is based off of the video game we all played in kindergarten while waiting for our bus number to be called… The Oregon Trail! We are pulling many familiar game mechanics including a strenuous journey filled with sickness, as well as hunting and applying to the theme of Santa’s big journey across the world to deliver presents to all the good little girls and boys. Game play will largely be centered around RNG which will dictate if good or bad things happen to you, but you will also have more than enough opportunity to prepare your sleigh carefully to make sure you have enough elves to deliver presents rapidly, cookies and carrots to keep your crew fed, along with many other actions that will keep the Christmas Spirit high and your sleigh flying by! Stay tuned here for in-depth posts about currently development challenges and solutions to the problems we are faced with. We learn new things every day, and we want to help you just as much as we want to get better!