The Christmas Trail is a game based off the 1974 hit educational video game The Oregon Trail. I’m not entirely sure where this game idea actually came from. I’m a big fan of Christmas time, and I tend to theme my crazy game ideas as such. There was a time I was very keen a dwarf fortress-like game based at the North Pole, where the elves were the dwarves and the goal was to please a rather eccentric Santa Claus and his over-the-top demands… but let me stay on topic.

The Christmas Trail

The Christmas Trail

So here we are with The Christmas Trail. You’ll get to manage your crew of elves and reindeer through the long journey from continent to continent, delivering presents to all the good boys and girls in the world. The RNG gods will be active, determining if any of your crew comes down with an assortment of sicknesses. You’ll stop at major cities along the way, giving you time to evaluate your situation. Stock up on more cookies or carrots to feed the lot. Call in for a delivery of presents from the North Pole if you’re running low. Make sure this next leg of the journey won’t be your last!

Your sleigh runs on Christmas Spirit, and you’ll want to keep a close eye on this as your do your work. When you deliver presents on time to every child, you’ll get a boost in Christmas Spirit. If you don’t, it will surely drop. If your crew gets struck with sickness (or even worse, dies), your Christmas Spirit will also go down. Do your best to keep the spirit high, because if it falls to zero, the game is over!

So that’s the basics of the game idea. Things are changing day by day, so stay tuned to see what new things arise. A lot of the gameplay has already been coded, but there still a lot of work to do. With that being said, I’m gonna get back to work! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!


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