It’s been a real long time since I have made an appearance here, but rest assured, the eye-candy for this game is continuing to be churned out. Barring a power outage last weekend, I managed to get two more games finished this week: Punching Bag and Hula Dance. The Punching Bag game is a ‘tap-tap’ game, where you have to hit the bag a number of times (less times on the higher/faster levels) to correctly complete it. The Hula Dance game is another game that uses the spiffy accelerometer, where you have to swivel your phone to make the girl dance!

I’d also like to note that we are no longer going to be adding in title art. The main reason for the title art was to introduce each game in training mode. It did little more than give a slight break in gameplay and a peek into what the game was going to be about, which it didn’t do a comprehensive job at anyways. We are going to rely on a brand new training system which will hold your hand walk you through the basics of the different game types and brief you on the UI elements. I really do like the work I did on the  titles, and I plan on keeping them (and maybe work on the titles for the new games later) for you to download as desktop wallpapers and such.

On to the good stuff; here’s some art!