ZOMGSH we got so much more done this weekend than I ever thought. The game looks awesome and a lot of fun too.

Here’s some pictures Kelsey took of us hard at work:

Thank goodness for $5 Anytober!

So much easier to work in person

Towards the end we became increasingly more inefficient as every change we made required about 30 minutes of playing “testing” before we’d ever get back to work. If you haven’t seen our two gameplay videos yet then be sure to head over and like our Facebook page to get notified when we do super cool things. But first, watch the videos below:

Training Mode:

Training mode is required the first time you play the game and is available at the push of a button after that. It steps you through each of the games in sequence without an increase in speed, score, or loss of life. You also get to see those cool intro title screens Ryan made.

Survival Mode:

And now, the meat and potatoes. Survival mode is how the game is meant to be played. You finally get to see the game speeds and how difficult the game will be when you only have 1 second to do the right thing. We did away with the title screens here to keep the pacing. I know, your mind must be BLOWN right now. It’s OK, we’re still recovering too.

I’m sorry about the video quality, but as far as we know there isn’t a great way to get smooth gameplay footage on Android. The emulator is very choppy and we tried several other screen capture programs that just didn’t cut it (only 4-5 FPS). Thankfully, I just happen to have the tech-heavy phone that is the Droid X. Go, Go, Gadget HDMI Output!

We used a program called “Xternal Display for Droid X” from Googamaphone to output my phones display to a monitor in 720P (Android only builds in the ability to output pictures and video). This does mean the screen is scaled up A LOT so the graphics don’t look as sharp as they do on our pixel dense 3″ screens, but it still looks pretty hot if you ask me. Oh yea, hot like FIYAH! We then used Ryan’s phone to take a video of the monitor in HD. We took the sound effects out because we really haven’t put any thought into that yet and didn’t want the sample stuff we threw in there tarnishing our good names. Also, getting a phone to stay really still when you take a video is pretty hard so here’s our awesome solution:

Don't worry, we'll stick to making games

Funs Over

Sadly all good things must come to an end. The weekend development extravaganza is over and we all must go back to our normal lives tomorrow. There’s still SO MUCH to do, but we’ve really gotten to a place where each game has become a module that we can just insert. When Ryan has new artwork for me, I’ll have the associated game ready and waiting. We hope you like what we’ve accomplished so far. Keep checking back for info on our latest additions to the game.


What’s it take to survive pretty much 4 days of straight coding?


About 14 cans 17 cans of Monster (not all pictured here), 2 footlong Subway sandwiches, 1 Digiorno Pizza, 6 Arby’s Beef and Cheddar Classics, 2 Steak XXL Chalupas and 3 Beefy 5-Layer Burritos from Taco Bell, and some Sloppy Joes (thank you Kelsey)