Woo! So after 24 hours of working, we have some pretty nice stuff to show off. Right now I’m going to give you a peek at the artwork for two more of our games, ‘Balloon Popper,’ and ‘Sink Da Battleship.’ (Ignore the UI text, it is just an example overlay; each game will have it’s own descriptive text in the bottom portion.)

Now we don’t want to give away any more details on how the games will actually work or how they progress as levels get higher, so for now all you can do is feast your eyes on these screenshots. It’s back to work for me on some more Main Menu screens and UI work.

Chris has gotten a lot done on the programming side as well, including most of the UI and level transitions. I’ll let him tell you more about that when he has a chance.

Bonus: Here is a quick screenshot of the Loading Screen work in progress.