I’m baaaaaaaccckkkkkkk. Finally! I know you were probably worried sick about my safety since I haven’t posted in a couple weeks I think, but in case you haven’t noticed, I was hard at work sexifying our site. It’s been hard, and VERY frustrating, and we still have some work to do, but I finally feel good enough about it to move on and get back to why we’re here. UPSAT!

Unfortunately, I haven’t done very much coding lately unless you count PHP and CSS, but I promise I will be getting back to it today. Some of the minor things I have worked on have been finishing that Big X animation I talked about last time and adding a cool press-down effect to buttons on the menus so they look like actual buttons. I’ve also revamped the training system a bit to make it more intuitive to the user that the first time you play, you MUST complete training mode. After the first time, you can quit and come back to training at your leisure. Today I plan on getting back to it by implementing the game over screen that will list your stats, achievements, and let you enter your initials if you get a highscore.

One of the good things that has come out of this hiatus, however, is the time to sit back and think about the game as a whole without being bogged down in methods, classes, and semi-colons. I’ve done some research and I think I’ve decided I’d like to implement an online player tracking system. I just think it’d be pretty sweet to have an online leaderboard and a place where you could find your friends and see eachothers achievements, highscores, etc. Most importantly, though, I want to be able to make fun of all my friends for how absolutely horrible they are!

After some digging, I think I might go with the OpenFeint sdk. I’ve seen it used in a few other games and it has some pretty cool features like automatic login with your phones email account and an easy to understand api. I’m not 100% yet, so if anyone reading has had experience with OpenFeint, both as a developer or player, I’d like to know your thoughts.

Well that’s all for now my faithful comrades. We hope you like our new look, and if not, well we don’t care! No, seriously, we do care and you should let us know so we can make it better.  So come on in, relax, have a drink (from your fridge, not ours… we don’t have that kind of money, nor the power to transport beverages via the interwebs… yet!) and please feel free to leave us a comment and let us know how you like the new site. (We guess you could talk about yourselves, too, but only because we like you so much)